MP-7 Carbon Monoxide Gas Sensor

MP-7 Carbon Monoxide Gas Sensor

MP-7 adopts advanced planar construction production technics, using MOS material formed by micro AL2O3 ceramic tube and heater, electro-down-lead be fetched out, and are fixed into a metal base and cover. Adopting low and high temperature circling detection: when low temperature (VH=1.5V), it detects CO, Conductance of sensor bigger along with CO concentration in air; When high temperature(VH=5.0V), clean other gases, using simple circuit could change the conductance, change it to be output signal which relatively to the gas concentration.

Technical parameters


  1. They are used in gas leakage detecting equipment in family, industry and commercial field, fire resistance/ safety detection system.

  2. CO gas leakage alarm and detector

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